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yellow curried vegetables with pumpkin rice

This dish is a stand by for me here on the Island, I usually have everything it takes in the pantry and the veggies, which change each time slightly. The garden and farm at NMR are slowly providing more on the plate, and we look forward to one day where all the vegetables can be harvested from the yaad. One thing I have to add is, I use curry paste, if you use powder its a different recipe all together.

olive oil






irish potato

sweet potato

bok choy (bak chow) and/or calalloo

*fry till tender, not cooked completely in a large skillet

*then season with:

1 tbsp of fish spice seasoning

salt and pepper to taste

old bay, season salt to taste

*add below, and cover for approx 10 min:

1 can of coconut milk or 1 package of dry powder premixed with water

1 large tablespoon or so of curry paste; red, yellow or green

whole scallion (fetch before eating)

Rastaman and friend Boston cooks up some ital food on the top of a mountain after a hike and gathering spring water and soursop to make juice.

Pumpkin Rice:

Every good Jamaican cook has a different version, but here's mine.

prepare white rice as usual, but withhold some water

add the coconut milk (canned or rendered powder) about 5 minutes after simmer,

along with:

2 cloves of garlic

chunk of ginger

whole scallion

cubed pumpkin (size depends on when you add it in the cooking process) about 1/2-1" cubes

some people like the pumpkin rendered all the way down, but I like mine to keep shape, it's up to you, but let the rice sit for a bit, no good Jamaican eats hot food :)

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