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experience authenticity

learn, gather, mix, move, love, consume, give, do something


trade a night stay for some work on the farm

We have embraced the farm to table movement at Natural Mystic Retreat and started a farm!

We are calling it NM2.

Birchim and Harvey tend with care, rows of bok chow, callalloo, cucumber, lettuce, corn, yams, bananas,, when a return guest asked to work on the farm, I though, why not offer a nights stay as part of a week at Natural Mystic, and spend that day working the farm?

Your 6 hour "shift" can be fulfilled any day of your stay or split into two days*; enjoy the banter around the yaad with the crew, some cold lemon grass tea, sweat, learn, grow. Leave a little of your work behind, planting a seed is a powerful ritual.

Yes, actual work is required; bring appropriate hat/sunscreen/clothing.


Harvey cooks a great lunch for the yaad crew everyday, join us for lunch and see how things really go ina Jamaica.

*min 7 night stay required for this experience



watercolour or sketch Plein air

It's difficult not to be inspired by the beauty of Jamaica, there is inspiration everywhere. I found myself many times on that first trip wishing I would have had my watercolors with me. I remember doing a series of seagrape leaves, and then almond.


I'll take you to some of my favorite spots, supply the watercolors and pencils, paper, and you add your take on the most amazing sunsets, people and landscape you will ever see. I've had to add extra oranges and greens to my palette, and I don't mind.

Beginners and Intermediates may take instruction or find their own moments of interpretation and zen. Professionals will love the likkle spots we have found along the way, and will find kinship.

Picnic basket lunch available.

Yellow Ochre sunsets optional.

$150. US for one

$250. US for two

*for each past two in your

group, add 75 dollars

*this experience lasts 6-8 hours, includes your materials, instruction, transportation, reggae and rum punch with light snacks; you are welcome to bring more libations

Ital Cook

Gather, Prepare and Eat

Food is the highlight of any trip to Jamaica, and there are so many questions regarding it's growth and preparation. Jubee, Harvey, Birchim and Celeste do it the ital way, to your liking and show you step by step along the way so you can bring what you learn home.

You will cook on an open fire, after gathering your ingredients from the garden, market and bush. Enjoy the food around a communal table, and nourish your body and mind. You will be witness to Rastafarian storytelling, and if you like, the steam pipe around the fire - and lots of laughs.

It's an experience you will always remember, and I will guarantee it will make you a better cook! Harvey has endless patience and joy, and you'll love his vibe.

Truth: It's all about the ginger and coconut milk!

$25 US per person

*plus supplies


stand tall like the palms

Whether private or group sessions, combining the quiet of your body and mind are easy to do here in paradise.


Sunset or Sunrise, beginner or intermediate, in your private porch or on a cliff overlooking the ocean, the choice is yours...we have instructors on our speed dial...and let us know what kind of water you prefer, cucumber or mint from the yaad, a boxed lunch or a mat and towel so you don't have to think about a thing.


Tree pose. Frog pose.


*every May, Negril hosts the Tomorrow Today Festival, and it's worth combining your vacation.


The Healing of a Nation