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Cottage #3 sneaking a peek past #1 to th

The Natural Mystic Story:


That's the way it's go...


No doubt what brought you to Jamaica this time, or the last time was the people, the weather, the vibe, the beauty, and the culture. You need a place that is thoughtful to all of those matters of the heart, and Natural Mystic is designed with all that in mind. Welcome home. Come be yourself in paradise.


The bright Caribbean light, blue skies, greenery and sunsets are a beautiful backdrop for the self sustained white cottages, which have their own outdoor entrances, kitchens, screened porches and private seating areas. It's a beautiful Negril Small Hotel that you wont want to leave... an authentic Negril accommodation with a bed and breakfast option.


The cottages are named for the trees that surround them, Breadfruit, Logwood, Pear and Soursop. Take a walk through the yard and flower garden, pick some veggies from the plot, and have Harvey or Jubee help you cook them on an open fire, it’s a great local experience. 


In the secret garden, you can enjoy a funky private stone shower…under the sun moon and stars ;) It was built by mi yaad guys, everyone has a special talent in Jamaica. YaMon.  Harvey and Birchim also planted beans as an edible vine for food and for privacy on wild stick fencing wherever they could find room. Garden to table is an offering I think will grow here at Natural Mystic. It’s a philosophy taking hold around the planet, and one Jamaicans do well. One of the things you will remember about Jamaica, is how healthy you eat.


When your experience is elevated with luxury beds and bedding; when you are content and safe with Tiny Mystic sleeping on your step, a caretaker in house, a full belly, and an irie vibe, all you have to do is breath, and let the Natural Mystic take you away. We strive to be authentic in Jamaican Accommodation.


Look for workshops soon; artists, poets, yogis, writers, the size of the property and the vibe is right for workshops, gatherings and retreats. I look forward to helping you customize your unique experience. 

Michelle’s Story:




I am not surprised to have landed here the way I have. 


When you travel, you hope to meet the right people, and that’s what happened to me. Funny how this is how my Interior Design Career manifested itself, but feels exactly right…irie, in fact. in 2016, I bought a 1/4 acre of property in the west end of Negril - the quiet end after a magical trip to Negril. I developed the land, built the first cottage for myself, received positive reviews from friends, both local and from back home, and thought, what if I could offer this experience to others? The whole experience, and share it through the eyes of a designer? I aimed for it conceptually to feel like the Natural Mystic Bob Marley wrote about. Light and airy, thoughtful, experiential and regional, true, and authentic. 


I am looking forward to teaching and hosting "hand rendering for interior design" workshops periodically…in paradise ;)

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