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Bar Mystic

concrete pond

authentic   comfortable    style



The deep west end of Negril is sometimes said to be the way Negril used to be. Quiet, familiar and out of the way, so, I always knew there would be a pool here.

There was a natural crevice in the stone in the back corner of the yard, and the yard guys said it would make a great pit for septic, I couldn't believe it! Told them then and there that it would be the future home of the pool. In November of 2018 we broke ground for the pool, and I thought, may as well include the bar in the build, since it would be more expensive later. We haven't stopped celebrating since!


When you book a room as a bed and breakfast, we can serve you around the pool, what other Negril small hotel or Negril accomodation will do that? Personalized - baby!

Bar Mystic offers spirits and non-alcoholic drinks. We have a well stocked bar, and fresh fruit for frozen blender drinks. It's open during a full house, or at your advanced request, or can be rented for special events. It's a great place to get a blue mountain coffee and a fresh papaya before your day of wanderlust.

Bar Mystic and the Concrete Pond is private, only us, and our friends at Natural Mystic Retreat. It's 4.5' deep all round and proudly well maintained by a private service as well as the yard crew at Natural Mystic Retreat. Let them know if anything is not up to your standards.

So, catch the Jamaican vibe and let it make you feel alright. Night time is the right time! The pool area is lit after dark and the reggae music can take you away.

hours: if you're quiet, there aren't any ;)

*keep the dogs out of the pool are please, and follow the posted pool rules.

*absolutely NO glass or bottles around pool (there's lots of plastic ones)

*use pool at your own risk, please watch your children, as there is no lifeguard on duty.

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