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The build up to season is exciting. Expats and guests are gearing up to leave the cold for paradise. Those of us who return every year are in communication with each other and begin thinking about what we are packing, what we've promised to "carry" for our friends. We start dreaming about sun on our faces and sand between our toes.

There is allot to do when we arrive, love the pets first. They don't leave me alone. Harvey is their year round person, but the excitement is off the charts when I arrive. I wear long pants because the dogs can't help but jump on me to show their love. Find the dog treats. Settle everyone down. I'm sweating by now, because I've come from freezing weather.

Cats next. Meow. Meow. At some point we make it to the pool and bar, and all seven animals are in tow. Time for a Mai Tai, a swim and some reggae. I've made a new playlist. If guests arrive back from the beach, introductions and questions then I'm hungry.

LTU. my bestie, Opal makes the best margarita. Cheese Pizza.

So, we are off and running. Who will I meet this year? What great experiences are ahead? How will I handle the challenges? Will I get through my list of to-do's? It's a big one.

  1. guest laundry

  2. finishes- new kitchen

  3. garden shed

  4. tile 4 bathrooms

  5. landscaping around new building

  6. concrete steps/planters around new building

  7. more dog enclosure with shade

  8. new upholstery for outdoor furniture

  9. sconces for gazebo

  10. doors/curtain master bath barn

  11. stone wall - cottage side

  12. greeting pavillion behind blue gates

  13. yoga deck beside wild coffee/over pit

Season. It's a wonderful thing. Can't wait to meet you.

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