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Catch a Vibe

Why Negril everyone asks? You will soon find out. It's a growing good vibration kind of place, like Tofino, Talum or Ibiza. Seven mile beach, beautiful diving and snorkeling off the cliffs, proximity to the mountains and the Rastafarian way of life lends itself to that. It's just a 'cry in the car on the way home' destination.

Sure, it's an investment, so I am happy to hear people say they see big things for this beautiful little part of the earth, so living there and watching it happen is really exciting, but it's more than that. It's the folklore and the storytelling, the thankful way of being, and the acceptance of others. Jamaica is investing in education and is becoming competitive. It's also becoming easier to do business, and connected to the world like never before. Banking and internet are a focus, and tourism is back. Exploding as a matter of fact.

Negril started with families renting out to wayward ocean travelers and those who would take an old dirt road from Montego Bay. Draft dodgers, adventurers and those wanting seclusion for many good and bad reasons...the drug trade, US guns for drugs schemes, which included Jamaican politicians and police. I think that's why it has a little edge to it. I think that's why it appeals to some.

It's also the reason Airbnbs and guesthouses are left alone, if they are small, because that is the origins of this beautiful little landing. I am hoping big hotels don't figure that out and change their approach or marketing, cause one thing they can never be is small and intimate, and I feel if they made trouble, the long timers would not put up with it. Negril without guesthouses, well I cant imagine it.

People tend to say, I wish I was around for the simpler times, but we are all living in a simpler time someone else will say that about, one year...

So, then there is no time like the present to invest here.

There are more restaurants and bars than anywhere in Jamaica. It's good time-ville. And the west end is the best end, because it's the everybody knows you, kind of place.

Here, in the yaad, we strive to show you the real Jamaica, the one that all inclusives (and they are nice) can't offer you. Come to Negril, and see for yourself, before it becomes the next destination for the cool vibers and you cant find a parking spot. You will be glad to say one day, you knew it when.

Negril Beach, 1970

7 Mile Beach 2022

That's a vibe.

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