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Soursop - the newest rental at Natural Mystic Retreat

Soursop trees are really sought after here, and plentiful. Gerry, the yardman brought me 4, and planted them by the entrance and back corner. So, of course, Soursop cottage was named. It's been a work in progress for a year or so, as they all are.

First, I build it out, put in the sinks, plumbing, electricity, lighting fixtures, paint, finish the floors, but it's the millwork that finally completes the look and functionality of the space. That's where I am now; onto the last step - the screened porch.

All the rentals here have a few things in common; comfy beds, linens, screened porches and kitchens. The are all white. They all have hammocks.

The ceiling in Soursop was something I saw in the Southern US and Key West, the likkle roof on roof was also something I noticed and loved while living there, with louvers that could close for rainy season, and open to let in the winter breezes.

The screened porch will have a twin bed, a hammock, a table and chairs and will catch the upper breezes, being the only second story rental. That's December's project. Glad I have that pool to cool down.

Yes, there will be soursop juice. Come see me at the bar.


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