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Bar Mystic and the Concrete Pond are an IRIE addition to Natural Mystic

I always thought there should be a pool here. Natural Mystic is only a 15 minute drive to Seven Mile Beach, but that can seem like hours some days. The idea was a self sustained oasis out here in the west end, so I have been designing and working on the design of Bar Mystic and the Concrete Pond for over a year.

It's not been easy; using a new contractor, I was left with some problems that still need to be addressed, but I am always proud completing any project here, even being in the design/build field. It's not easy.

It's been ready since February, and the guests love it. Kids can't get out, and there is always a fight to get into town with them, or even to the beach! Smiles all round. The sound of the waterfall helps keep voices muted and is so soothing. It needs a little design tweek, but it's lovely.

When you arrive late, it's a great place to cool down before bed, and the Bar Mystic is fantastic corner of the yard for your friends and you to hang and listen to some reggae into the night.

Come see for yourself.

Everything's gonna be all right.

Before the house was built you could see right through to the snake hole in the backyard I always knew would become the pool

The design was a half in ground, half above ground pool which you could walk up to and also sit on the side, but the contractor dug too deep and so I ended up with a more recessed pool

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