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5 ways to live like a Jamaican

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For most people I know, fitting in while traveling is important. People treat you differently when they see you know where you are and what you are doing. I have thought of a few ways to blend, when ina Jamaica.

1. Dress the part. Jamaicans love to dress up. You can see by the "Angels and Demons" or "Black, Gold and White" party signs, dressing up is what you do on any given night, especially beach party nights, or girls nights. It's hot, so pack your best hot girl clothes and wear them with pride, even if you have a little junk in the trunk, or junk in the front, it's all good here, show off your body; Jamaican girls do it well. It's not just the girls, the guys love to match up their shoes to their pants to their shirt, love brands, and know they look hot, so tight is the name of the game. They also have a thing for long pants even on a hot day, I don't understand it, but you won't find allot of Jamaican women in shorts; mostly foreigners. If you want to fit in, leave the cruise wear at home.

2. The fresh. This was new to me, it's your 5:30 shower, before drinks at sunset. It's hot and sticky here, and when you move at all during the day, you are going to overheat. Men slather on the cologne after their fresh, and some time is needed for it to disperse ;) I guess that's why everyone looks so good; they clean up well, twice a day.

3. Live on your cell phone. Jamaicans use their phones more than anyone I know. Data is relatively cheap, and not everyone has internet at home, so when they go out, they are doing lotsa business on that thing - for a bit. You will find that buying a 40 dollar phone and putting 30 dollars of international minutes, local minutes and data is the most cost effect way to keep in touch in Jamaica. We do have WiFi at Natural Mystic, though, like much of the Island, it's not consistent.

4. The lingo. They understand you well, but give some patois a chance anyway. You don't say you are coming back, you say you are coming forward. You don't way my yard, you say mi yaad. People here in Negril love it when you give it a try.

5. Food. So, you may not eat curried goat, but give some of other flavours a try: ginger, coconut milk, pumpkin. Learn the proper words for Bok Choy "Bak Chow" or Avocado "Pear". Don't cook just rice, they will make fun of you. Negril Accommodation varies, so chose somewhere you can live with Jamaicans to get the real understanding of Ital eating in Jamaica.

6. Order your drink like a Jamaican. Try this. "Can I get a flask of JB, two glasses of ice and a bottle of Ting Please?" You will instantly earn respect.

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